I Want To Lift 1000 Souls by Janet Thome

My first post 

I Want To Lift 1000 Souls is a song that came to me shortly  after a very long cry that I was finally able to release after losing both of my beautiful dogs that are featured on my website. I lost both of them this year, 6 months apart.  I never thought I would know joy again.  I was able to cry after I heard Michael McNamara sing and play the piano and his voice moved me to release very deep grief.  I also wept because of the beauty of his voice and for the courage he had to sing.  Hearing Micheal stirred my  lifelong dream that I have had buried and that is to sing. To sing was my greatest desire and my greatest fear, so  I buried the desire. Until NOW!!!

I Love Words That Uplift

I Want To Lift 1000 Souls is a prayer from my heart and soul. I am hearing the call of those who walked before me to love. My heart is on fire to love and I desire for my life to make a difference in the lives of others and to let them know, they are not forgotten, they are seen, they are in God’s dream.  I hear the call to love, to give, to forgive and to forgive some more and now I put out the call to others, will you join me?

If Each One Of Us Had A Schindler’s List

I recently saw Schindler’s List again and the part that moved me most  was when Liam Neeson was saying he had only saved one thousand ( so many people) and that is where I cried the most.  As I looked at the people standing there, I could see the unborn children in their eyes and I wondered at the great many lives he changed and saved.  Could you imagine if each one took a cause, whatever is your passion or calling and had our own Schindler’s list, there is no way, anyone could be missed.

Can you imagine if all at once, each person took care of who was in front of them? it could change the world.

Just start with who is right in front of you. It is not always about money, kindness can save a life.  The ripple effect of kindness is endless and stays with us forever.  A smile can save a life, so simple to give.

The 1000 Souls Directory 

I will be creating a directory of souls that are desiring to uplift this world. There is so much sorrow that is everywhere, but there is also a LOVE that is emerging like a raging river that is gathering power in every moment that will not be stopped.

I Dream Of A World

I dream of a world where all paths to God are respected and not fought over.  I dream of a world where no one is forgotten.

Thank You Fulvio Pietramala 

Thank you Fulvio Pietramala for creating the most beautiful music for I Want To Lift 1000 Souls. Please read the credit page to learn all about this beautiful composer from Italy who makes music from his heart.




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