About Me

Janet 1

I am a singer and a wordsmith. I love words that uplift and heal. I just wrote and recorded my first song that I want to share with you, it is a prayer from my heart and soul and the legacy I want  to leave behind.

I am a Holistic caregiver for the elderly, an absolute DOG LOVER, and a Tiny House Dealer. I am passionate about Integrative medicine and finding a natural option over drugs.

I am starting a directory called The 1000 Souls Directory. I want to include anyone that has a desire to uplift and love this world and others. I would like to include you whether you are a large corporation, a non profit, artist, musician, or even a passionate child that has a lemonade stand to raise money for rescue dogs.

It will be a Directory showing the true heart beat of humanity that is a  raging force of love that is building in power right now. We all need to know

That there  is true hope and that there are beautiful, beautiful people burning in their hearts to love and to uplift the consciousness that supports all

Life, including animals and our  beautiful earth. Let’s take a stand together.

I would like to be a voice that brings awareness to modern day slavery that is illegal in every country, but has grown to over almost 30 million people.

Please contact me to be included in my directory. Please enjoy my song and message.

Janet Thome