The Bookstore

I wrote this coming out of the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles after feeling overwhelmed by all the books about God, with conflicting views and all the different paths and saddened by all the wars it has caused. I just sincerely wanted to know and feel the truth in my own heart and I wanted to be filled with God’s love.

The Bookstore

Loneliness-it has a sound
Tiny raindrops falling
One by one into an empty bucket
It echoes inside the interior of
The boundaries of what I know as me
Bouncing back- hollow
Yet, at times, so filled
My compassion for self is sweeter than
Any kiss I have ever known
Softer than any hand upon my breast
My soul-now peering through my eyes
Begging me to listen and feel the calling
To go home
I long to be out of the confinements of my flesh
This real illusion of matter
I want to be in flight over my body
To join pure thought
Laughing at the sight of my illusion
That feels so real
The reality-just a dream
A wink in space and time
I desire to wake up and remember
I go into a bookstore, maybe the
Answer is there
The shelves start to close in on me
With the titles of books shouting
Their ideas, plans, how- to theories
And philosophy
The promise of tomorrow’s never seen
The books seem to mock me
All the words are blending together
Am I hallucinating?
And the people continue to smile
They are silently screaming
I can hear them
Or is it me? What am I doing here?
Who am I ? What do I feel like?
Do I really exist?
Is there more than this?
I can’t breathe
I feel intoxicated by the incense
Seduced by the photographs
Of faraway galaxies
So much to sift through
Throw it all out

I don’t want agreement of the masses
Heads nodding by the numbers
I want to know for myself
When I am alone with
Only the whispers of the night
And the pounding of my heart
My soul’s song playing through me
The soft voice of my Holy, Holy spirit
Heard- when I listen………….
I’ll do anything for a peek of myself
Since I have only seen myself
Through the reflection of a Looking glass
Holy, Holy spirit, flow through me
And lift me above troubled waters
And make use of my life
And fill me with your love
And a noble purpose
Thank you, thank you, my
Holy, Holy spirit for my life
Shine through me

Beneficiary : Thome Janet
© Copyright, Thome Janet, All rights reserved.

Janet Thome, The Bookstore

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