A Tribute to Hershey: My Little Love

A Tribute to Hershey: My Little Love

Hershey: My Little Love 

Hershey was my beautiful chocolate lab, husky mix that I had to put to sleep yesterday. It was 6 months to the day that I had to put Silke, his best friend and companion to sleep.
Hershey was ”my little love” that I raised from a puppy and he taught me how to love and loved me without condition, no matter what.
I am sad, but I am also filled with such gratitude for having Hershey in my life and filling my life with absolute bliss. I love dogs more than anything in the world and I am completely fulfilled in their presence.
Hershey was always happy, very much in the present, loyal, devoted and was filled to overflowing with the love of God. I actually should have named him Jesus because he embraced everyone with the same radiant love, even homeless people on the street.

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Hershey’s eyes glowed with God’s love and actually smiled when he would greet you and he would jump up and give a little kiss like he was part seal. His face reminded me of a dolphin and their obvious look of goodness. His energy was effervescent.
Dogs to me are like children that never grow up and are eternally sweet and positive. Dogs are companions sent to be with us that embody God and all that is beautiful in life.
Hershey still had his puppy face even at 12 years old.
I am grieving, but ever since he left his body, I have tuned into the joy of this beautiful spirit reuniting with the pure consciousness of God and love and he invited me to share his bliss. I can feel the great union in my heart like beautiful waves of energy ebbing and flowing in a great dance of joy. Hershey is free of his ailing body and is ripe to evolve. I KNOW dogs have spirits and to me they are further in evolution than humanity is when it comes to love and especially to forgive. Dogs don’t seek out happiness, they are happiness , they are the magic of our majestic universe housed temporarily in the form of a body.
Hershey’s essence was so beautiful he could be a dimension of heaven himself, pure light, integrity and love.
I pray that I gave Hershey what he needed in our short time together. Everyday, I told Hershey he was beautiful and I was in awe of his spiritual presence.
Hershey is buried on my land, next to Silke and his gifts will stay with me for all of eternity.
Dogs beckon us to love, to forgive, to let go and to live in the precious moment and I pray to one day be filled with the beauty they naturally possess.
Thank you God, for creating dogs, the ultimate mirror of your love and thank you especially for Hershey, my best friend and loyal companion. I am left with 3
Dogs to love and I have decided though it is hard to lose them, I will have dogs, always, I would not miss the joy they bring for all the gold in the world.
Hershey, ”my little love”, thank you, thank you for joyful days and I will see you in my glorious dreams. I want to walk again with you and Silke. I love you into forever……..
Day 5: I awoke to a beautiful thought this morning as Hershey’s lovely face came to mind, to focus on the great gifts Hershey gave me through my short time with him. The greatest mirroring he gave me was his ability of balance and the joy of just ”being”. When Silke passed, I showed Hershey his body and he watched us bury him. He stayed far away, but watched and looked a little sad, but afterwards, he went back to being his happy self. Hershey is as easily happy as a tree is still……
I woke to the thought that I needed to really take in what he was trying to teach me and not to waste a beautiful day in regret or worries of tomorrows never seen.
I also had the thought as I was wishing I could see him in the physical around me again, that his spirit is everywhere, just like the consciousness of God, if I just look and feel and appreciate the beauty that is all around me. My heart is still heavy, but there is a comfort enveloping me in love as well………

Hershey, Janet Thome

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