Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven: They Are All Ready In Heaven

Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven: They Are All Ready In Heaven

my little angel

Silke: My Little Angel 

I had to put my sweet dog to sleep almost 10 days ago, my best friend, companion and precious mirror for thirteen years.
I have never had to do this before and the grief and sadness frightened me. It is a loss so great I have been afraid that I will not
Ever be quite the same. His name was Silke and I called him my little angel. He was part cocker spaniel and part blonde lab.
As he was passing, I sang to him and was comforted because I knew he was going from my love to God’s love and I was freeing
Him for his next adventure and his own evolution.

I know I am eternal and I know that he is as well. His light passed into my
Heart and expanded my capacity to love. I will always remember his eyes, they were the color of cognac kissed by the sun
With the softness of a deer. I miss the sound of his paws walking in the kitchen floor and the way he would look up suddenly when he was laying down. He would
stretch and wag his little docked tail and drop back down to nap.
I always felt like he was expressing how blissfully happy he was and it never failed to fill me with great joy.
He was unconditionally loving and always there for me. I do not have the words for the gifts
He has given me and I will cherish them forever and I pray to see him in my dreams. I asked him to come to me and tell me
About God and all the other dimensions . No, dogs do not GO TO Heaven, they always live in the consciousness of HEAVEN. I miss him. I am forever changed because of his love……………

Janet Thome, Silke


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