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In Loving Memory of Hershey and Silke 

Hershey and Silke  are the beautiful  dogs featured on my website. I raised them both as puppies and they both joined God’s embrace this year. They were my best friends and a great gift to my life and I miss them everyday. My loss is still very raw, so I will write more later.

Fulvio Pietramala



Fulvio composed, arranged, created the intro, an instrumental bridge and mixed my song ‘’I Want To Lift 1000 Souls’. I wrote the lyrics and the melody. He took my simple version of the song that I sang into garage band and made it into a masterpiece. I am so grateful he was able to hear the potential of my song beyond the flaws and the simplicity of it. It is my first song and it has been like a buried treasure in the mineshaft of my heart, a prayer of my soul.

Fulvio treated me and  the song with kindness and understanding of how dear it was to me. I described the feeling, the essence and also the importance of it and he rose to the occasion and  created a beautiful, beautiful song that I am so proud of.

Fulvio lives in Italy, so we are in different time zones, but it was never a problem. He understands english impeccably  and he was very prompt with his replies and comments. Fulvio met  all the time requirements we agreed on, in fact he was 1 week sooner than promised. If you have a song in your heart, I  recommend him wholeheartedly to help you make your dream come true.

Fulvio adds his heart and soul to his work and has integrity and is a true man of his word, an absolute delight to work with. He was professional and encouraging.

Fulvio is a Pianist, Composer, Arranger and a Piano and Harmony Professor at ‘’L. Boccherini’’ in Lucca. Fulvio also manages a Musical and Film studio in Livorno.

AirGigs piano parts for 1 Song 

AirGigs composition and arrangement for an emotional song 


Fulvio Pietramala Soundcloud 


Ethan Katz


Ethan is the lovely boy that is featured on my website. I chose him because of the goodness in his heart. Someone wrote on the comments of his booster campaign for city dogs rescue that ‘‘Ethan is our future and it looks bright’’. Ethan is an example for us all and his actions show what it takes to uplift this world to a greater, more loving consciousness where we take care of each other and remember to love.

Rather than a birthday gift for himself for his 9th birthday, Ethan Katz chose to raise funds for City Dogs Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues adoptable dogs from kill shelters and provides them with new, loving homes. To date, Ethan has raised over $16,000 for City Dogs, enough to save 25 dogs from euthanasia. Once Ethan and his parents launched the first campaign: As the number went up closer to his birthday, his original goal of selling 75 CDR shirts quickly became 100 then 150 then 200. That campaign ended with 179 shirts sold and raised $2,640. The second campaign sold 562 shirts and raised 9,908.78! the third campaign sold 89 shirts and raised over $860. In donations alone, Ethan’s campaign raised an additional $2,600.   Not only was an article published in the Bay Times, but Ethan and City Dogs Rescue has also received national attention.

Ethan was interviewed on Good Morning America by host Michael Strahan where he had the opportunity to speak about his cause and all the selfless work he, his family and volunteers have put in to give these loving pups a chance for a better life. Ethan and the CDR organization were also featured in The Huffington Post and Yahoo News.   Ethan’s mom, Mrs. Lisa Katz stated “My husband and I are thrilled that our message about being generous and giving is illuminating this point- If you put good out, it comes back ten fold. For us, the publicity is only as good as long as that stays the message- help others and especially those who can’t get help themselves- in this case, the dogs.”

Ethan Loves Dogs 

City Dogs Rescue 

Sarolta Ban

Sarolta is a photographer based in Hungary. I first saw her work when she photographed shelter dogs to help them find homes. Sarolta created the whimsical design for my dogs Hershey and Silke and also Ethan on my website. She does beautiful work and I wanted to honor the lives of my sweet dogs .

Help Dogs With Images 

Sarolta Ban 

Christian Heilman ”the mixer guy”

Christian Heilman

Christian is based out of Seattle and he came to my home with all the outrageous equipment and created a recording studio in my home. It was a great pleasure to work with him.  Christian added the vocal tracks to my song and infinite patience with the amount of takes it took before we called it done.

His expertise includes:

Studio Recording-tracking, overdubs, mixing and mastering, Pro Tools operator, Studio One and Ableton Live

Christian helps musicians make great sounding albums

Theatre Sound – 10+ years experience in theatrical audio, sound design and event audio.

Christian is also a mobile audio and DY man that can provide an affordable, great sounding system for a party

Christian Heilman 

Dave McClave

Dave McClave with Case 42 Full Circle Media