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DFW Pug Rescue

DFW Pug Rescue: Takes In ALLPugs No Matter The Health Condition Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue is one of my favorite dog rescues. I love them, because they take in pugs, all through fostering, no matter what the age or health condition is. DFW Pug Rescue and Mark...

Sing IMAGINE with John Lennon

This is YOUR chance to create a unique moment in music history with UNICEF! Subscribe to UNICEF here: http://bit.ly/1ltTE3m

We have launched a new interactive digital experience, powered by TouchCast, that allows you to record your own version of IMAGINE, John Lennon’s iconic anthem of hope and peace, alongside your favourite stars, in what we hope will be the largest ever global sing-along!

#IMAGINE project brings together artist Yoko Ono, renowned music producer and DJ David Guetta, UNICEF Ambassadors – including Katy Perry, Angélique Kidjo, Daniela Mercury, Priyanka Chopra, Yuna Kim – and a host of other high profile supporters with the aim of highlighting the tremendous challenges children face the world over.

Add your voice at http://imagine.unicef.org

Click here to donate to UNICEF now: http://smarturl.it/Donate_to_UNICEF

The official UNICEF YouTube channel is your primary destination for the latest news updates from the frontline, documentaries, celebrity appeals, and more about our work to realize the rights of every child.

Click here to see all of our latest trending videos: http://smarturl.it/TrendingAtUNICEF

I Want To Lift 1000 Souls My New Video

My song is a call for love for all those who have been forgotten
27 million dogs are put down a year, millions homeless and abused
30 million people are a victim of modern day slavery
Families enslaved for DECADES for an $18 debt
Veterans discarded after their service to our country
900,000 widows in Afghanistan
The way animals are treated makes me want to fall to my knees
Our earth’s rescources raped without regard
The elderly are locked in their homes without a friend or the help they need
These are our daily headlines

The list is endless, we can do better as a humanity
Adopt, don’t shop
Say NO to GMO
Know your slavery footprint
We have the power to change the world with our buying choices
My song is a call for each one of us to stop and look around , who needs you
If each one of us vowed to help 1000 souls, starting with the one in front of you
There is no way anyone could be missed if each one of us had a Schindler’s list
My song is a call for forgiveness, it frees the heart and makes you want to give
A whole new world is waiting beyond the hate , let it go……….
If you are sad and lonely, too, just find someone in need of you

My song is a call for kindness, it costs nothing and makes everything bloom

Think what we could change if no one was forgotten , knew they were loved
Felt they were seen and knew they were in God’s dream
The children would not bully and grow up to take care of the elderly
The veterans would be honored and the homeless would be fed

The list is endless, WE ARE a better humanity

I Want To Lift 1000 Souls by Janet Thome

My first post  I Want To Lift 1000 Souls is a song that came to me shortly  after a very long cry that I was finally able to release after losing both of my beautiful dogs that are featured on my website. I lost both of them this year, 6 months apart.  I never thought...